Old Cannery Bar

Old Cannery Bar serves an elevated bar menu and features Alaskan craft beers, attentively selected wines by the glass, and an extensive offering of premium spirits.

Dinner served 5pm-10pm,

Bar open 5pm-Close

Chef Raul

chef-raulChef Raul Reyes joined the Old Cannery Bar as a part of the pre-opening team during the fall of 2016.  Chef Raul brings a vast restaurant experience coupled with a healthy dose of creativity and curiosity to the Old Cannery Bar kitchen.

Chef Raul Reyes believes that food is special. It is more than just sustenance. It is passion. It is art. It is an adventure we can all take without even leaving home. Food is the greatest excuse we have to come together as human beings. It fills our senses as much as our bellies.

“Preparing food, particularly for others, is the single most enjoyable act of creation in my life. I often joke that, when I am in the kitchen, I am like a three-year-old at a new playground, even though I have been cooking in some way or another for over 30 years. To create the unexpected from the mundane, to put flavors together in new and exciting ways, gives me a feeling of triumph over the ordinary.” 

Chef Raul is available for questions or comments at raul.reyes@chef.net.


Old Cannery Menu 2.23.17